Friday, June 17, 2011

The $700.00 bet - one week later

Weigh in day today: 129 lbs.  Okay, at least that's towards the right direction on the scale, no?

Thank you to all of you who posted comments on this blog page.  If you are reading this on my blogger page, I would so love to have you post here vs on the FB page.  You see, I leave this page open all day, every day!  Each time I hear the call of Pop Chips all the way from the 2 snack areas at work, I just look at my post and your comments and I get jolted to the fact that, holy crap, I just publicly announced my dress size!  Nervous laugh.  There is something to be said about baring it all (remind me about that when I've won the bet and won't be too depressed to remember the days of South Beach and Paris shoots) to hold you accountable for your actions (in my case, the chewing action).

So how did it go this week?  The one major thing that I removed from my eating habits (plural in a huge way) the past week was the snacking after dinner.  That was the hardest for me as for the past year, the logging on at night to do some work triggered off the munching and typing.  They just went hand in hand.  Clicking of keyboard, crunching of chips or whatever I find (with kids in the house, there is always bound to be something to munch on).

It was tough, it felt like something was definitely missing from the evening's routine.   To keep me from giving in, I started going to bed earlier than ever, I'd be in bed by 10 pm!  So, two good things happened -  no snacking and getting a good 8 hours of sleep!

Did I have any slip ups on the night snacking? Yes.  One night (tonight actually).  6 pieces of these yummy yogurt candied fruit thingies that the girls got on their Double Blessings Day from a friend at school.  Why did I slip?...who knows.  Maybe the one pound less fooled me into thinking that I could afford the sugary treats?  Maybe because of the disappointment that my Friday night, which I was so ready to get to and spend at home after a long and stressful work week ended up being the sh!t$?  Maybe PMSing...maybe all of the above.  Regardless, none of the above should become permission to fall back into the nasty habit, I know.  I KNOW...but...but..but...

So, after a week of working out everyday, of not snacking at night (cept for tonight), the scale went below 130.  Was hoping for more than that, but I know at my age, it's going to be one long, bloody, painful Iron Man.

Speaking of Iron Man, my opponent is doing extremely well and has gained 2 lbs.  So come on Team Rowe, keep the postings of comments coming please?  Let me have something to read and serve as reminder of the fact that there is no backing out of this!

Thank you for reading...and posting.  Thank you for the handful of private messages letting me know you're out there, with your own weight challenges too. 

So, this is no longer just my Iron Man. I share it with so many of you!

Thank goodness that tomorrow morning means 2 hours of Zumba.  I could pretend to feel sorry for myself for that but the truth is, 2 hours of Zumba is heaven to me.  So, 6 yogurt will be burned off tomorrow morning.  Now to just remember NOT to imbibe at lunch (just cuz I had 2 hours of exercise in disguise).

Good night, yes...I am tempted to have just one more best to close up shop and head to bed.

Ciao (not chow)!


  1. Woohoo, Go Rowe! I started running hills by the bay- love that ocean breeze to keep things cool- and it was torturous but really satisfying to finish it, albeit slowly. My lungs suffered more than I'd care to admit since I am terribly out of shape and your determination is really inspiring. Hang in there!

  2. Dear anonymous,
    You too, hang in there...running hills? I can barely cover 3 miles on flat. Thing is, my lungs can go forever, the quads, knee and hip issues though...they suck. But, onwards and upwards (literally)!

  3. They weren't steep hills or particularly long ones, but I must say that it was satisfying to do them! :) Maybe I'm kind of odd, but I like the feeling of being able to pull through on each step with my hamstrings- there's much less impact and much better power plus I have a better sensation of how the trail feels underfoot. I think the variation in the terrain helps keep it interesting. There's a killer hill on a road near my house that cautions motorists of a steep grade and I've set a goal of being able to run it some day soon. I'm starting small but I don't think that I've ever seen anyone running that hill and I fancy the idea of being the first (even if it's just in my imagination that I'm the first one to do it).

  4. Anonymous,
    As my dad used to say, "if you can dream it, you can become it." Keep the imagination going...I know that when I was a gawky, awkward, shy child/teen, I daydreamed/imagined that I would be athletic, "sexy" and fierce when I grow up. I'm holding on to those!

  5. Way to go Rowe! I am glad someone else is going thru these grueling challenges, reading your blog certainly keeps me going as well! And good job on going to bed early. I am trying to do that as well but not doing so well tonight. But tomorrow is another day, right? So keep it up and you WILL WIN!!!

  6. I am also fighting the urge to snack after dinner. While I have not publicly announced my dress size (no need to state the obvious haha), it is the need to feel better inside that makes me want to change my ways. Your blog will be on my list to remind me. Thanks Rowe!

  7. Ah Rowe, you're always such an inspiration! Go Rowe!!!!

  8. Cordi, I'm realizing that the snacking at night is very, very emotionally prompted, and stems from childhood days in Manila. Wasn't every evening after dinner our tv time with family? And sitting around watching hours of shows snacking on treats and treats galore?

    Chatsie - so GLAD you are adding in cardio to your routine. I know you love yoga but dear heart, you MUST cardio, you must strengthen, you must stretch. You've got the stretch covered by yoga (something I don't seem to have as part of my weekly gig) and now you have your half marathon you are training for. I'm so happy for you!

    KB - you are the first one who will see me bare it all in photo shoots when this bet has been won. Right? Put those old photos from days in Paris and Miami,etc to shame. This old broad is going to work hard!

    Thanks all!

  9. You go Rowe. Which Ironman are you doing?

  10. LOL, Amy - my Ironman is this bet with Miche. It's a long haul and not an easy challenge by any means (especially for me who just can't stop my gob from chowing).