Friday, July 8, 2011

Proven fact - I see food and I gain weight

So, get this... I get up and weigh myself.  Wow, 127.8 lbs!  Awesome!  I keep it to myself till Miche wakes up and weighs in too.  I wanted him to see the numbers on the scale and give me a high five for going sub 128.

The little luvvies wake up, I prepare their breakfast and serve them up.  Miche and I go to the scale, me so excited for his reaction to my 127.8 lbs!  What?...a mere 30 minutes later, with me not having ingested anything but air,  staring back at me was 128.2 lbs!!!!  What the heck happened here?????  I had not eaten anything, not even a sneak of a single mini-wheat that the girls were having, and my weight changed?  Someone out there, pls explain!  I weighed myself 3x each time just to be triple sure!

Okay, so the good news was that at least I still did not gain weight but the bad news was that, I so wanted it to be 127.8 and not 128.2.

It's official - I think food, see food and I gain weight!

On other topics, since Rowe's Room is not only about the $700 bet with Miche...

Miche celebrated his 39th birthday last Wednesday (July 6th).  For his birthday, I gave him a pair of super cool cargo pants/skinny cut.  I told him that he needed to get his European side back on the dressing, I miss the Euro trash...este, I mean flair.  And, as a big surprise, on the evening of his bday, I delivered the news that his other bday present, the coolest of all presents he's ever wished for, is going to be his - a round of golf at Pebble Beach in Carmel.  Golfers know this is a big one!  Never mind that it's $$$ to play there, but it is almost impossible to get a tee time!  Thanks to the fruits of being nice to people, they are nice back.  Someone did me the huge favor of pulling strings and got me a tee time for Miche within 2 days of his bday!  How awesome is that?  Round of golf, caddy, cart at Pebble.  I'm a major star in his eyes right now!  (I better win this bet to cover the cost...LOL.)

39 years old he turned.  I met him when I was 36 and he was 28.  Meeting over the internet back then (2000) was not usual, more so meeting someone in another continent over the internet!  Remind me to tell you that story sometime, it's quite the material for a book, the kind you read by the pool or the ocean.

Yes, 8 years apart.  Cougar, you say...absolutely and proudly!  Hahhahahahaha.  I remember a comment he made at my 39th birthday party at the W, I was talking to Nelson Galang, an old friend from hs days in Manila.  We had not seen each other since we were in senior year hs (1981).  I turned to Nelson and said, "wow...last time I saw you was your grad ball in 81."  Miche then remarked, "1981? guys graduated from hs in 81?  I was all of 8 years old then!"  NICE.  Imagine, I was graduating from hs and he was in 2nd grade?


Tomorrow, we celebrate his bday with some friends over drinks in Palo Alto.  Next year, we celebrate his 40th in Stockholm.   Woo hoo!  Anyone headed that way next year?  It'll be a fun time to visit Stockholm so you might want to consider!