Monday, June 27, 2011

The $700 bet - slip slidin' away.....

I stepped on the scale last Friday for the weekly weigh-in.  Not to my surprise, I was at 130 lbs.  I was hoping that the kick-butt cardio kickboxing class I took on Wednesday would have made up for the no workout on Tuesday.  I was hoping that the run with Holly on Thursday, would erase the pop chips I ate, not once, but twice that day.  I was dreaming that the bloating from all that salt I ate, and the monthly cycle we women go through, would magically not matter on Friday.  I am sounding like Wimpy ( and certainly feeling like one!) in Popeye cartoons aren't I?  ("I'll gladly pay you Tuesday, for a hamburger today.")

Monday of last week started off wonderfully, as always.  Expectations were high of myself.  Taught my Monday evening Zumba class and salsa'd, cumbia'd, samba'd,  hip-hop'd up a sweat and took the heart rate up.  Tuesday came around, didn't even imbibe in champagne and cupcakes at Firefox Five Release Day at work.  Holding steadfast.  Miche called me to say he only had one client that afternoon and that switched my mindset to "stay home" kind of evening with family.  No workout.  No regrets though - I had such a great time being an audience to the little luvvies' impromptu performances.  It was so nice to not rush that evening, to not hurry them up, to just sit on the porch and watch them play, dance, sing.  The weather was perfect for just a time for us to "be."

Wednesday found me craving salt, sweet, salt, sweet.  One small bag of pop chips.  Deliriously and deliciously evil!  Bloat and blow up feeling, so quickly.  As if the sodium in that bag grew like gremlins in my pooch.  Okay, no worries...going to try out Nikki's cardio kickboxing class after work.  Cardio off this pop chips party in my belly feeling.

Thursday - that wonderful feeling of DOMs!  Soreness on the shoulders, soreness on adductors, soreness on lower back and glutes!  Yes!  Must mean that I seriously did damage to those pop chips.  Hey, why not treat myself and have another one today?  Besides, I'm going to be running  in the evening, PLUS, it's my first day of the cycle anyway and I'm already retaining water!  Uh huh...the kind of thinking that this chomp-chomp queen musters up each time.  The run...was so sore from cardio kb that the run was quite sad (but had wonderful company at the run, I must say).

Then Friday rolled in.  I was expecting it.  The scale would not go the right direction.  There it was...back to 130.  The opponent was quite gallant about it - reminded me that a pound, during the cycle, is not horrible.  I think he's trying to brainwash me so that I'll let my guard down!

Pop chips..I love you, I hate you. 

Team Rowe - I need your comments...I need your rah-rahs on this page!  Come out of the woodwork and support!


  1. Come on baby, you can do it! I would hate to spend all that money on me ;)

  2. Hey Rowe! One bad day is just that: one bad day. Remember that you have the power to turn it around the next time you eat a healthy meal or go work out. I remember reading recently about why some people who exercise don't lose weight despite their best efforts: many of them feel very hungry after working out & end up negating their calorie expenditure by eating extra food. So don't beat yourself up about what happened last week (that's not going to help you do better, it's only going to make you feel worse), just do what you can to be where you want this week- you can do it! Go Rowe!

  3. No! Stay away from those vending machines! Where is that willpower of steel? You can do it, I know you can. Tomorrow is another day, and you can start fresh. It is officially summer and beach time is up. Your daughters will be in their bathing suits and you don't want to be in your mom suit do you? Seacliff is calling out to you, can do it Rowe! So listen to the little angel on your shoulder and do not go near those vending machines. Swat away that devil on your other shoulder, she is bad news!

  4. Thank you for the pep talk (even the opponent's). It was more than one bad day but yes, today is a new day/new week.

    Oh God, in a mom suit...I want to cry at that visual. I'll wear a muumuu before I don a mom bathing suit. At least I can pretend I purposely wore a muu-muu island girl style (plus maxi dresses are still kind of in).